Indoor Cycling is easier in an inviting environment - and with a partner!Let’s face it.  Biking indoors can get downright boring.  Your challenge is to keep trying new things to keep it fresh and interesting – so that you stay with it until the warmth of spring returns.  I have been training indoors for over 20 years; so let me share some little tips that have kept me going all this time.
  • Make your exercise space inviting.  Our last house had a large unfinished basement with plenty of room for the trainers.  An ideal place to train, right?  Wrong.  The unfinished aspect of the basement made the space feel cold and uninviting.  No one was ever down in that basement with me.  Every visit to the basement was a struggle.  This is in sharp contrast to my current home, in which we train in the family room.  The space is tight, but it is on the main floor with sunshine and people coming in and out.  We train in that room almost every single day of the winter.  
  • Use music and TV to keep yourself going.  Find what you respond best to, and use it freely.  For my long, slow days, a good TV show or movie work just fine.  But if I really want to push the pace, some upbeat music is definitely better.
  • Use scenic or inspirational DVD’s specifically made for indoor cycling.  The On the Road Series of DVD’s take you on scenic bike rides while coaching you along the way.  Tour de France DVD’s can inspire you to stay with it.  Ride as if you are vying for the yellow jersey!
  • Use workout DVD’s that take you through an interval program.  Spinervals and Cycling Fitness Results will both take you through a pounding interval workout.  You don’t have to think – just do what the coach tells you.  
  • Train with a heart rate monitor.  Polar Heart Rate Monitors offer a different option– training based on target heart rates.  Give it a try!
Good luck with your winter training program.  Remember, it is as much mental as it is physical.   Keep trying new things and keep mixing it up. 

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