Fall and Winter is the best time for bicycle service.  Weather and the holiday restricts your riding, and we have less of the summer crush of new bikes to build and hundreds of summer repairs.   So take advantage of our our latest service offer, which ends 12/31/2010. Have your bike dropped-off or scheduled by that date, and then be ready for the first warm riding days of spring.

Winter Service Offer from Bicycle Garage Indy
The parts discount applies to the parts needed for the tuneup or overhaul, not a la carte services.
This is BGI’s best deal on bicycle service tune-ups & overhauls.  
Q) What is a "Total Overhaul"?
A) Bicycle Garage Indy’s maintenance packages vary in scope. The ‘Performance Tune-Up’ is the basic package. The ‘Total Tune’ adds more tasks for the mechanic. Similarly, the ‘Performance Overhaul’ is a basic overhaul, whereas the ‘Total Overhaul’ is the most extensive package. You can read about the detailed steps in each job by visiting http://bgindy.com/articles/bgis-service-department-pg8.htm
Q: How often does my bike need maintenance?
A: It depends on time, mileage, dirt, water, & riding style. Some folks ride through sand, mud, & muck and therefore need frequent cleaning & lubrication of components. Fair weather riders need it less frequently, but even those bikes need fresh lube every now & then. If you’re in doubt, take your bike to Bicycle Garage Indy for a quick assessment. 

Our complete bicycle service departments are staffed year-round at Bicycle Garage Indy’s two locations, North (Indianapolis, in the Clearwater area on 82nd St.) and South (just west of I-65 on County Line Rd, Greenwood).