Bicycle Garage Indy is hosting Cyclocross Clinics on November 16th & 17th. This is the perfect preparation for the Indianapolis "Cyclocross Weekend" events on December 4th & 5th, part of the Ohio Valley Cyclocross Tour.

Date: Tuesday, November 16
Time: 6:30-7:30 pm
Location: Bicycle Garage Indy South, 997 E. County Line Rd., Greenwood
Date: Wednesday, November 17
Time: 6:30-7:30 pm
Location: Bicycle Garage Indy North, 4130 E. 82nd St., Indianapolis

You can register here (required) for this event.

  • 6:30 pm What is Cyclocross? You’ll learn what to expect at a cyclocross event and hear about the upcoming races in December from John Kirchner. (John is an accomplished, veteran cyclocross racer & all-around swell guy.)
  • 6:50 pm Features of cyclocross bikes – what to look for and what makes cyclocross bikes different – BGI Staff
  • 7:10 pm How to prepare yourself to ride in a cyclocross event – BGI Staff
Q)  Why should I be interested in cyclocross?
A)  It’s very fun. It’s something different to do on a bike. It’s a great workout.
Q)  What does it cost to participate in the BGI clinics?
A)  The clinics are free, but registration is required. We need to know how many people to expect.
Q)  Is the BGI clinic for serious racers only?
A)  No, of course not. Lots of people dabble in ‘cross. The clinics are designed to help newcomers.
Q)  What’s this "Cyclocross Weekend" that’s coming up?
A)  Indianapolis hosts two events as part of the "Ohio Valley Cyclocross" series. Visit for more information.
Q)  Where can I read more about cyclocross?
A)  A good starting point is an article on cyclocross