Since getting my first road bike from Bicycle Garage Indy this past spring, I have been looking for fun, different and challenging rides to become mile-markers on my cycling journey. The Hilly Hundred Weekend 2010 was exactly that! It was truly fun camping, eating, and riding, and even getting to know all sorts of people with whom I have one thing in common: we bike. It was extremely different than my other mile-marker ride, a sprint triathlon. Riding long distances with 1000s of people through such gorgeous scenery was a unique experience. It was quite challenging to make it up every hill pedaling even when traffic, fatigue and gravity seemed to be working against me. Completing my first back to back half century rides on such dramatic terrain was a challenging accomplishment. While I was pleased to stop and take pictures during the ride, as an excuse for breather after many climbs, I did not anticipate that looking back at those photos (which denote the fun, different, and challenging ride that The Hilly Hundred was for me) makes me want to add more mile-markers on my cycling journey.

Name: Liz Habley
Bicycle: Giant Avail
City: Indianapolis
State: IN

Liz, thanks from everyone at Bicycle Garage Indy for sharing your Hilly Hundred Weekend adventure.  We are glad your first season of road biking was so rewarding!
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