This was my first Hilly Hundred Weekend, having just started riding this past year. Hills are difficult for me so I decided that I had best ride the Hilly just to show those darns hills I could defeat them! I rode with some wonderful friends, meeting up with them at each SAG stop since we all rode at our own pace. We would then start out again after resting at the SAG. One of my favorite memories of the day happened right after lunch. We hit a hill and my friend Jim was riding in front of me, singing, riding up the hill as if it were no big deal. I am riding behind him just trying to breathe wondering how in the world he could be singing when I see him look over at a guy who is walking his bike up the hill. The guy looks back at him and says, "Singing? Really?? You’re singing??? How can you be singing riding up a hill???!!!". Jim just keeps on singing, smiles and rides on. At that point I thought I would bust out laughing if I didn’t think I would fall off my bike! It was a great day!

Name: Julia Wilson
Bicycle: Trek WSD 1.5
City: Westfield
State: IN

Julia, thanks from everyone at Bicycle Garage Indy for sharing your Hilly Hundred adventure. Sounds like you and your friends had a great time!
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