A Tri packing list will make sure everything you need gets there.An essential item for any triathlete is a packing list for competition day.  There are so many different items to pack and the results can be devastating should you forget a critical item (e.g. bicycle shoes, helmet, swim goggles)  So get in the habit of always working through your packing list as you prep the night before competition. 

Find a list that you like and then modify/update it after every race.  Omit the things which you personally do not need and add the things which you do.  Personalize it for your unique needs.  I have done the same.  Earlier this summer I posted my packing list for newbies, but after the Go Girl Tri, I have modified it and hopefully made it better.  So if you are looking for a list to get you started, please feel free to use mine.  Did I forget anything that you consider essential?  Let me know and share your ideas. 

Packing List for Triathlon Competition 
(Last modified:  9/20/10)

Swim Gear:
o    Tri-Suit or Swimsuit (Wear this to race)
o    Goggles (plus spare)
o    Anti-Fog Solution for Goggles
o    Swim Cap
o    Flip Flops (optional)

Bicycle Gear:
o    Bicycle
o    Helmet
o    Gloves (optional)
o    Bicycle Shorts and Top (optional)
o    Bicycle Shoes
o    Socks (optional)
o    Sunglasses (optional)
o    Bicycle Race Number
o    Water Bottle filled with Water or Special Drink

Running Gear:
o    Running Shorts and Top (optional)
o    Running Shoes
o    Race Belt with Number Attached (or race number safety pinned to running shorts)

o    Timing Chip
o    Large Towel
o    Smaller Hand Towel
o    Suntan Lotion (optional)
o    Emergency Toilet Paper
o    Dry Clothes to Wear Home
o    Large Backpack (to transport all this stuff!)

Bicycle Garage Indy is a sponsor of the Go Girl Triathlon at Eagle Creek Park, Indianapoli.  Look for it in August 2011.