Hilly Hundred Weekend is coming up – a challenging 50+ miles per day in the hills of Brown County.  Be sure you eat properly so that you don’t “bonk” at around the 40 mile mark.  By the way, what exactly does this mean, “to bonk”?

Keep snacks close to avoid the Bonk!  Bicycle Garage IndyIn a nutshell, bonking is when your energy levels come crashing down.  You have failed to eat sufficiently during your long ride, and now you are suffering the consequences.  Your blood sugar levels have dropped, leading to complete and utter fatigue.  You need to eat and /or drink quickly in order to regain your energy and continue.  This can be done with energy bars or energy drinks From PowerBar and Clif.   Energy drinks should contain a 6-8% carbohydrate solution (60-80 grams/liter). (Find more info on Exercise and Fluid Replacement at BGI Fitness.)

But the best solution is to never let your glucose levels fall in the first place – think prevention.  For those long rides, start eating and drinking early and regularly.  This was recognized back in the early 1900’s, when Velocio, an avid distance cyclist and co-developer of the derailleur, coined the following adage:

“Eat lightly and frequently.  Eat before you are hungry and drink before you are thirsty.”

Whether you are headed to the Hilly Hundred, or just around the block, Bicycle Garage Indy provides this information to help you to enjoy your riding more!