CamelBak FlashFlo at Bicycle Garage Indy(Continued) To understand the third option, visualize a small CamelBak which is mounted on your waist, not your back, and you have the CamelBak FlashFlo.  Being an avid fan of CamelBak’s for my riding, I was instantly sold on this waist mounted option for running.  Water remains ice cold for the duration of your run.  The drinking tube is unusually long, and hooks to the waist strap.  When thirsty, you just unhook it, take your sip, then rehook it to your pack.  I do find that I need to cinch the pack up quite tightly, in order to minimize pack bounce.  

One of the many FuelBelt products at Bicycle Garage IndyOur last option for drinking/food replacement while running is the fuel belt.  This is a belt which holds assorted containers for your food, gel, fluid, etc.  These are extremely popular, judging by the number I see worn in the weeks leading up to local marathons.  However, they probably are not as important until your runs begin to exceed one hour in length.  The FuelBelt Hydration Belt and Nathan Speed Belt hold anywhere from 2-4 containers.  The Nathan Booster Belt can hold your race number AND clip on flasks are available separately.  

Bicycle Garage Indy has a full line of Hydration accessories from CamelBak, Nathan and FuelBelt for cross training, running, triathlons and adventure racing.  

Bicycle Garage Indy, North (Clearwater area in Indianapolis) and South (just west of I-65 on County Line Rd, Greenwood)