If you are like me, you leave the nitty gritty of bicycle maintenance to others.  Rebuilding headsets and truing wheels just isn’t your thing.  However, even the most mechanically challenged of us CAN keep our 2-wheeled machine well lubricated. 

Finish Line products, found at Bicycle Garage IndyLubricant comes in two forms:  liquid drops or spray.  Bicycle Garage Indy carries an assortment of lubricants for chains and other moving bicycle parts, and for wet, dry and off road conditions.  These include products from Finish Line, Tri-Flow, and White Lightning.  If you tell the staff at Bicycle Garage Indy about your bike and riding style, they will help you choose the right lube for you.

To apply lubricant is very simple:
1.    Find the moving part
2.    Apply lube
3.    Move the part, to allow the lubricant to penetrate
4.    Wipe off excess lube


On a bicycle, the most common place to lube is the chain.  You can plan on lubricating your chain monthly, or every 100–150 miles.   And of course,  apply a fresh coat should you get caught in the rain. 

Other common spots to lube would be on the moving parts of the front and rear derailler, as well as the moving parts of the brakes.  You should do this a couple of times per season, and after any rain.  CAUTION:  Wipe up any excess lube and do not get it on the wheel rim or brake pads, or you will have no brakes!

If you use a step-in pedal system, like Look or S.P.D. then this is one last spot that requires periodic lubing.  Once I notice that it is getting harder and harder to click out, I just put a spot of lube on the cleat mechanism both on my shoe and on my pedal.  Clicking out is once more a breeze!  (Note:  With Look pedals, which involve metal on metal, normal lubricant works fine.  But with S.P.D.’s, which involve plastic on plastic, you will want to use STP Armour-All or another non-petroleum lubricant.)  SPECIAL CAUTION:  Do not walk on your carpets after lubing your cleats!!!!

Good luck with these first steps in taking good care of your bicycle.

Finish LineTri-Flow, and White Lightning are just three of the many brands of bicycle tools Indianapolis found at Bicycle Garage Indy’s two locations, North (Clearwater area in Indianapolis) and South (just west of I-65 on County Line Rd, Greenwood)