Our 12-bike household requires 24 tires, with the four of us riding around 12,000 miles a year.  This summer 4 bikes were ready for new tires, so I get to try a wide assortment of the tires available at Bicycle Garage Indy.

Continental Ultra Gatorskin at Bicycle Garage IndyFirst up was our Santana Sovereign tandem.  It got a pair of 700×28’s Continental (wire bead) Ultra Gatorskins.  Based on a  durable carbon black compound, a well regarded puncture protection system and DuraSkin-anti-cut fabric, the Ultra GatorSkin have a reputation as long wearing tire.  They weigh in at 330 grams and are a tandem team favorite.  We also carry a 700×25 Ultra Gatorskin folding tire as spare on the tandem.
Serfas Seca Tires at Bicycle Garage IndyNext up was my wife’s 2008 Trek 1.2 WSD and our youngest son’s venerable, hand-me-down `90 Trek 1200.  Linda rides for sport and triathlons, while Justin is riding to school, and on club and family rides.  For their bikes I went with the durable and economical Serfas Seca with Flat Protection System (FPS).  The Seca is a great all-round wire-bead road tire a with long tread life, great cut resistance and superior road feel.  Linda got 700×25’s, and with Justin’s teen riding style, I opted for 700×28’s.  
Bontrager H2 Hardcase at Bicycle Garage IndyContinental Contact tire at Bicycle Garage IndyFinally, my `83 Trek 850 commuter bike was due for new rubber. I had to replace (mid ride!) one tire last summer, so on the rear I have a Bontrager H2 Hardcase 26 x 1.5".  My front tire, which had plenty of tread left, but had sidewall breakdown after 3 years of all-day, outdoor parking was replaced this spring with a Continental Contact 26 x 1.9".  Both are smooth road tires, great on this on former mountain bike now dedicated to commuting.

I will keep you updated on wear over the coming months on all four sets of tires.  And odds are, I will have another set to replace soon enough.  

Continental, Serfas and Bontrager are just three of the many brands of bicycle tires Indianapolis found at Bicycle Garage Indy’s two locations, North (Clearwater area in Indianapolis) and South (just west of I-65 on County Line Rd, Greenwood)