Bicycle headlights have come a long way in the time I have been riding.  Noisy generator lights and heavy, overgrown flashlights have been replaced by lightweight LED headlights, with long run-time, rechargeable batteries in sleek, easy to mount systems for all types of riding.


Headlights serve two functions; let you been seen (meeting Indiana's legal requirements for being on the road at night), and to allow you to see obstacles in your path.  While every headlight at Bicycle Garage Indy will meet the first requirement, when, where and how you ride at night will determine which type of headlight is best for you.  Remember that for legal and safe night riding, a tail light is also recommended.  You should always consider what you are wearing and where you are riding before riding at night, and follow all rules of at the road to be seen and safe.


A light in Motion Stella headlamp for off-road ridingFor the occasional or casual ride at night; say you get caught out late after riding to dinner or ice cream,  or for around the campground on your summer vacation, a basic battery headlight is the Blackburn  Voyager 3.3 ($24.99). This bright, 3 LED light gets great battery life, with easy no-tool mounting. Another choiceis is the Bontrager Ion 3 ($39.99), offers 120 Lumens of light, along with a low power and flashing mode.


If you are riding more often, for example, commuting to work year round; or ride away from street lights in the country or on paved trails, you will need more light for obstacle detection.  Two mid-range rechargeable headlights, are the NiteRider Lumina series and Light & Motion Urban series.  While higher in cost, along with brighter lights, they quickly pay for themselves with their rechargeable batteries.


For the extreme night riders, either off-road rider or ultra-distance road rider, (a.k.a., the crazies!), we have high intensity, long duration systems from NiteRider and Light & Motion.  They include features like helmet mounts, hi-lo beam options, fast charging, and other options for extreme night riding. 


NiteRider, Bontrager, and Light & Motion are just a few of the many brands of bicycle accessories found at Bicycle Garage Indy’s three  locations, North (Dean Road at 82nd Street), Bicycle Garage Indy Downtown (in the Indy Bike Hub YMC)  and Bicycle Garage Indy Greenwood (just west of I-65 on County Line Rd).


(Revised 6/10/14)