Tandems let couples of different abilities share bicycling!What to do when you are a couple who wants to bike together, but one of you is so much stronger than the other?  We have seen this scenario play out so many times.  The stronger spouse is holding back, putting the brakes on their speed and fun.  And the slower spouse is busting a gut – struggling to hold a pace that is much too fast.  The ride is frustrating and not much fun for either person.  After a few more attempts, the slower spouse usually gives up, leaving only the faster one to continue with the sport of bicycling.  This is where a tandem bicycle comes in handy.  A tandem is the great equalizer – allowing couples with greatly varying abilities to ride together seamlessly. 

My husband Jay and I are the perfect example.  Being a triathlete, my training miles are spread between three different sports.  As a die-hard cyclist, Jay’s miles are focused entirely on the bike, and therefore he is a much stronger cyclist.  Yet we can come together on the tandem and BOTH have a fantastic ride.

The other benefit of tandeming is the ease of talking which it provides. A couple on two single bikes can have quite the disjointed conversation what with moving back and forth to accommodate passing cars and road hazards.  With a tandem you are always together and the talking flows so much easier. From the female perspective, definitely a big plus.  But from the male perspective, I wonder, ……do you consider this a positive or a negative?????? 

Tandems have come a long way from the single speed resort bikes you rode as a kid.  The Cannondale Road 3 feature a light weight aluminum frame, has a 30-speed Shimano drive train, front and rear disc brakes, and is ready for fun for couples and families of all abilities.  It  is just one of the performance Cannondale Bikes Indianapolis, available at both Bicycle Garage Indy North and Bicycle Garage Indy South in Greenwood.