Well. loyal readers, not much to report these days, other than that we will be riding as usual this Friday.  Meet at the shop at 7.  Back by 9. 

A handful of other things:

Attended the annual Bike To Work Indianapolis celebration, which had a great turnout despite rain in the forecast.  Well done, Bicycle Indiana!

Bicycle Garage Indy got a visit from ProTour rider Dominique Rollin today as part of his trip to the Zipp factory.  Nice fellow!

Took the first broccoli out of the garden and planted the beans and tomatoes.  Peas should be ready any day now.

Visited the alma mater to play against this year’s incarnation of the Carleton Ultimate Team and hoo boy, are they good (please don’t laugh.  We take it really, really seriously). 

Took a few too many days off the bike and the numbers show it.  Time to rebuild fitness.  Next race will probably be McCormick’s Creek, and after that it’s time to target my favorite:  the Bloomington Grand Prix!