Detours Juicy Box - Money from Trash  bag series at Bicycle Garage IndyWe are now carrying the Detours Money from Trash recycled bags from Detours.  Bicycle Garage Indy has in stock the Detours TooCan pannier ($84.99), the Transit Box rack trunk ($54.99), and Day Tripper handlebar bag ($29.99), all in the woven, Juicy Box material.

Money From Trash is a grassroots effort of several women-owned and operated business in the Philippines.  With the cooperation of families, school and business, thousands of soft polyethylene juice boxes are collected, washed and sorted.  The boxes are then transformed into colorful durable materials used by companies like Detours, to create unique products like the Juicy Box bag series.

Detours is just one of the hundreds of brands of Bike Accessories Indianapolis, in-stock now at Bicycle Garage Indy North in Indianapolis, and Bicycle Garage Indy South in Greenwood.