A few weeks ago I posted on the efforts that INDoT has made to keep the Monon Trail open during work on I-465.  With warm weather fast approaching, and trail use ramping up, it was another good thing to see the trail open this afternoon, a weekday.   And while I stopped to today for picture and to offer a friendly thanks to a pair of workmen on the scene, I was able to get an update on the work that remains.
Monon Trail under I-465, Looking North.
If I understood the workmen correctly, it turns out that they will not be replacing the bridges over the Monon Trail; the foundations in place will support pre-formed concrete tubes over the trail.  I-465 will then run over fill put in place over the tubes and the bridges removed.  I have been unable to find any artists rendering, but the final result will be pretty neat!  Hopefully, this means Indianapolis bicycle commuters and other trail users should see a favorite route restored to full availability very soon, and with few future detours and closings.