Bontrager Charger Floor Pump at Bicycle Garage IndyCannondale Maximum Airport at Bicycle Garage IndyMy youngest son, 14, is an avid rider, but still learning the importance of routine bike maintenance.  Last week, he set on a ride without checking his tires.  It was about a half hour later that we got the call about his flat tire.  We picked him up, and repairing the tire, I found the tell tale "snake-bite" or pinch flat, the result of riding over a sharp bump with an under inflated tire.


Under inflation is a common cause of bicycle flats. And along with flat tires, expensive rim damage may result.  Bicycle tubes, especially with narrow, lightweight wheels, may easily drop 10 to 20 lb. of tire pressure in just a week.  For this reason, a floor pump is good way to protect your bicycle investment.  


There a few basic features to look for in pump.  A built-in pressure gauge allows you to add air and check pressure in one step.  A dual head will handle either automotive (Schraeder) style valves, or the narrower Presta valves found on lightweight wheel.  A long hose will allow you reach the valve in any position.  You also want a stable base and comfortable handle.  Some pumps will also include inflator pins for spot balls and other inflatable items like beach and pool toys.


Bicycle Garage Indy stocks may floor pumps.  The Bontrager Charger is very good pump with all the basic features you need.  If you have both road and off-road/comfort bikes at home, the Cannondale Airport Maximum Floor Pump is able to  switch between hi-pressure road tires and large-volume, low pressure,  off road tires.  Blackburn and Giant pumps are also available.


They are just a few of the bike tools Indianapolis you will find at Bicycle Garage Indy North in the Clearwater area, or Bicycle Garage Indy South, in Greenwood,  just minutes west of I-65 on County Line Road.