Hey everyone, just wanted to pass along a novice’s take-away from the Annual Spring Bicycle tent sale — amazing fun and even better information for this novice. The atmosphere, like all the BGI staffers I spoke to, was so welcoming and non-intimidating as I browsed around, asked lots of questions and learned so much as I ponder which is best for me. Took my little 4-legged friend "Lucky" and we met Rocco and his wonderful family who were bike shopping with Dad. The stunt riding show was amazing. This guy’s launch started off of the Redbull trailer, as high as the Yakima sign. Too fast for me! Anyway, just wanted to take a moment to let everyone know that if you’re even considering buying a bike — no matter what your skill level — you need to talk to the folks here. Way cool, way knowledgeable and way nice. Thanks everyone — I’ll be bike!!!

Name: Maureen
City: Indianapolis
State: IN

(Maureen:  Chris Clark and Jeff Lenosky, sponsored in part by Giant Bicycle, put on an amazing show. We will look forward to helping you on your next visit.  The BGi Staff)