Sometimes a product comes along that is very difficult to describe, or explain in words how to use or why you need it.  When I first saw the XDK Slug, A Hydration Pack Tool I knew I had to have one.  

Now I am a rarity, a road rider who uses a CamelBak. I know a CamelBak on road bike just yells FRED, but hear me out. I was first introduced to them while riding in Washington State.  Off-road riders are constantly in mud, so CamelBaks were used for both for hands-free drinking, and reasonable clean access to water.  A lot of the off-road riders would train on the road, so they kept the CamelBak habit.  I am on a tandem a lot, so hands free is nice for that.  Finally, our kids were tandeming with at a very early age, and a strapped on pack let them drink without playing the "drop-the-water-bottle" game.  So our work-out storage includes hooks for four hydration packs and extra’s.

Now the Omegaport lid is a great improvement over the original CamelBak.  You can easily add ice (especially nice at quick shop ice machines!), and clean and dry the bladder.  But for some, it can be very difficult to open.  In our household, I am the official CamelBak "opener". (Along with bike mechanic, roof rack bike loader, tire inflation specialist, etc.) With the Slug, which inspired the video below, I have 1 less official job at home.  Now if someone will just invent a PowerBar opener. . . .

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