"Bleeding" a hydraulic disc brake at Bicycle Garage IndyI am completely at home taking care of the different types of bicycle brakes I have used over the years; side pulls, center pulls, cantilevers and linear-pull/V-brakes.   I have had them on the bikes I have owned, assembled and maintained.  But disc brakes are a completely new animal for me.  I don’t own a disc-equipped bike (yet, of course!), and they only came into wide-spread use after my days as a full-time mechanic.  However, I had a unique opportunity to learn more about Hydraulic Disc brakes when Josh Prater, one of the service leads for Bicycle Garage Indy, scheduled a training session for BGI’s Service Department to share what he learned at a recent Park Tool Tech Summit, I jumped at the chance, and it turned out to be a very interesting couple of hours!

Josh provided the full run down on the adjustment and maintenance techniques for hydraulic brakes from Avid and Shimano that are used on Giant, Trek and Cannondale off-road bikes sold by Bicycle Garage Indy.   Included were techniques for throw and “dead-band” adjustment, brake line bleeding (removing air from the closed hydraulic lines), brake line replacement and pad replacement. For the most part, if you are already technically competent in your bicycle care, these are techniques you could handle; on the other hand, it is nice to know these are all Bike Maintenance Indianapolis services available from Bicycle Garage Indy.