Since deciding to enter in a few triathlons this summer, I decided it was best I actually followed a training program. I use to follow training programs when I was younger and results mattered. As I aged, results started to mean less and fun was more important.

Now that I am so very close to 40, I decided I should be more deliberate in my training. Not so much for the results, but for survival. I have taken some decisive steps to this end, first I bought a power tap, I have started a training journal and I have a couple of guys who love to harass me if I miss a workout (This is called accountability). I have been in this training mode since the first of the year and I have managed to carve out a schedule that gives me time to train and doesn’t take too much time away from the family.

Last Sunday was scheduled as an endurance day on the bike. Due to the weather, it was a day spent on the trainer. My Power Agent Software (comes with the Power Tap), automatically calculates your power training levels. So my challenge was to ride for an hour between 195 and 200 watts.

So once the boys are down for a nap and Allison is at Church walking laps, I was left to my training in the "Cycling Den".   

Today’s goals…

Riding indoor at this level means two bottles. One with electrolytes!

Excess sweat is deadly for both the headset and computer CPU. So the sandwich bag works wonders!

Just keeping it real, the trash can is for spit!

Today’s feature is "24 Solo, documentary about Chris Eatough"


I am happy to say I finished the hour with an average watts of 195. The last 15 minutes demanded my full concentration. I was eally suffering. It was then I realized that my body still can do the work, but I have forgotten how to suffer. Today was the first step in the re-learning process! Hmm, maybe I should think about the results?