This bike has been with me for more epic rides on more roads and trails than any other bike I own. The good times I had with friends and the quiet rides on the trail by myself-this bike has so much history. In the 10+ years I’ve had it, it’s seen most trails in Indiana and many trails in all of our neighboring states. It was with me for the 50+ mile road ride that included a nap on the side of the road. It was with me when my wife and I got lost in the Wayne National forest in Ohio. It has raced the DINO series with me and done countless group trail rides. Riding this bike feels like an extension of myself, like we’re linked together, a feeling you get after thousands of miles in the saddle. When I look at this bike I can’t help but think of the rides it’s been a part of and look forward the rides that are yet to come.

Name: Mark Degunya
Bicycle: 1999 Diamondback Team Issue
City: Greenwood
State: IN