TOSRV 2008, my son Tyler(l) and I, w/ the TOSRV Murals in Portsmouth OH.I now have 77 days to get ready for one my annual riding traditions and favorite rides, the Tour of the Sciota River Valley.  Starting in Columbus, OH, TOSRV is a two day, 210 mile ride that has run on every Mother’s Day weekend since 1961.  My history is a little shorter, only having ridden my first "TOZ" in 1979. Ever since I saw the picture 6,000 riders on the steps of the Ohio Capitol building in an early `70s Sports Illustrated, I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of.  

2010 will be my 11th return for this spring classic.  TOSRV is a unique challenge, due to both the early date and distance, and the amazing permutations of Midwest spring weather.  I have experienced temperatures from the low 40’s to high 80’s, headwinds, tailwinds, sunny days, rainy days and even a flash flood.  Yet each return has been a reward of reunion with old friends, fellowship with thousands of riders, and the unique beauty (really) of Midwest riding.

TOSRV!Having an early season goal and an annual tradition ride are two ways to keep bicycling fresh and interesting year after year.  Do you have a riding tradition? And if not this year, 2011, the 50th TOSRV, is going to quite a show!