Every cyclist should have one, a place that is dedicated to his or her passion for cycling. It is a retreat, an isolated place in their living space that accommodates bicycles, tools, motivation, and training. It can be anywhere, garage, basement or even an out door shed. My first such place was in a large walk in closet under the stairs that lead to the apartment above mine.

Here is a picture of my space. I call it "Sanctuary".

Here is a few pictures of a friend’s cycling den. We call it the "Den of Pain" as you can see it is the meeting place for full contact indoor training.


Nick’s reply to my excuse for not riding this night!


Note the weights and Power Rack. Great for the off season!

Note the Park Work Stand….


Cycling Dens are great place to get into a zone and ride your troubles away, with the help from Cyclops Indoor Trainers


Cycling Den’s are tradition…I encourage you to claim a space in your home and create your own Cycling Den…Send me a picture and I will post it here!