Goal:  to win at least one Cat 3 criterium this year.
Winter plans:  determine what would be needed to do that and implement it.

Two components to winning races:  fitness and skills.  Unfortunately, during the winter in Indianapolis, it’s hard to practice the race skills that are needed for this goal.  So this is the time to focus on fitness.  

I’m a big believer in maintaining high-intensity workouts all year long.  Here’s an article from Pez Cycling News discussing it in more detail.  So right now I’m trying to develop sustained high intensity, but not too high–just trying to stimulate my aerobic system a bit and get ready for higher-intensity efforts later on.

Tomorrow I’ll be doing this workout on my Cycleops JetFluid:
My standard warmup (20 minutes)
10 minutes at 270W, followed by 5 minutes easy.  Repeat twice more.

65 minutes, short and sweet.  The interval pace should be hard enough to make you breathe fast and deep.  You could talk if you had to, but you’d rather not.  If your breathing gets ragged and short, back off.

One other note:  most people are hesitant to disclose their power numbers.  I can understand that if you’re a pro who has a serious disadvantage if the competition knows how strong you are, but I don’t think I care whether my cat 3 competitors know.  Bring out the measuring sticks and let’s compare, says I.  It’s better motivation for the winter, and after all, we don’t really know until we get to the finish line, do we?  Bring it on!