It is 6am in the morning when my alarm sounds off. I instantly realize it is my day off. How do I know this? Because if it was a work day, the numbers on the clock would read 5am, I get to sleep an extra hour on my days off.

I stumble to the garage and turn on the small space heater. Hopefully in the next 45 minutes, the garage air temperature will climb into the 30 degree range.

Bikes in a Row

On tap for today, 1 hour on the trainer with grade "A" training partner, Nick! Quick breakfast and a cup of coffee and Nick shows up. We set the bikes up on trainers and prepare for our workout session.

Nick is working hard

The garage was a balmy 30 degree when we started, however it didn’t take long for us to get a good sweat going! When I took this photo, I was hoping to capture the steam rising off Nick’s back and head!


Thank you Cyclops for great trainers.

Here is my new ride, thank you Giant!

We each finished an hour +. Nick is a stud so he did some one leg pedaling drills while I went inside to make coffee.

We had a post ride meeting to discuss race schedule.

So far good day off! I love the relaxed atmosphere of the "Off Season"