Indiana looks like a million bucks during the fall.

I don’t suppose there’s any getting around the stark reality that fall is here.  Which isn’t so bad.  The farmer’s markets are in full harvest mode, the trees are getting pretty, and I no longer have to drink two gallons of water every day just to stay hydrated.

The other good news is that it’s time for the greatest foul-weather cycling activity:  cyclocross.  Indiana has more opportunities to race cyclocross this fall than we have for the last few years:  there’s a weekly training race, some open practices, and several official races

Unfortunately, it does mean that the early morning rides are getting pushed later and later.  This week we’ll meet at the shop at 7:15 on Friday, but we might have to wait a few minutes to get rolling, depending on the daylight. 

Next time:  cyclocross on the cheap.