Some things happened in the last few weeks:

Did my last race of the season at the Marion Classic.  Recorded my first ever "DNF–crash."  It was my fault–I had gotten stuck at the back of the field on a super-twisty crit course, and got too aggressive trying to pedal through a corner.  Ouch.

Not too bad.  My knee and elbow were a little worse.
The photographer was a little too excited about being able to photograph the wound.  Hey, whatever gets you up in the morning.

The rest of the day was pretty great.  The viewing venue is probably the best of any crit I’ve been to.  Since the course straddles the river, you can see almost the entire lap as the field makes its way around.  That made it pretty fun to watch the pro women and men do their thing. 

The most impressive rider was Tina Pic, who was the only person all day to successfully make a pass during the short sprint from the last corner to the line–and it wasn’t close.  She completely destroyed the rider in front of her.  I guess that’s why she’s the US National crit champion!

Went to San Francisco to visit my family, and attend a friend’s wedding.  This photo is outside a bike shop near my grandmother’s house:

Stealth awesome.
It’s a little hard to make out, but that bike has S&S couplers and an old set of Zipps–it’s not a cheap bike.  However, the owner had it repainted with gaudy nasty paint to make it look cheap, and the wheels have decals from at least five different manufacturers on them.  Someone really went out of their way to make this bike look like you don’t want to steal it.

Here’s where the wedding took place:

There were dolphins playing in the surf below us.

One of the Bay Area residents I met at the ceremony had this to say in response to my complaint about the traffic on the drive up from San Francisco:  "Yes, sometimes it’s a bummer that there are so many people crowded in here.  That’s the downside.  The upside is that you get to live in paradise."  Well then.

We also had the Labor Day sale.  600 bikes in three days, hopping like a frog the whole time.  I’m almost recovered.

Now it’s late summer in Indiana.  What a great time.  Made gazpacho last night with tomatoes and cucumbers from the garden.  Maxin’ and relaxin’.