And by that, I mean your chocolate foot.  Everybody has a foot that they prefer to ride with forward when coasting, jumping, bunny-hopping, riding over obstacles, through rock gardens, etc…  That foot is often refered to as your ‘chocolate’ foot.  For me, that’s my left foot.

Now why would you want to change that?  Every now and then, you’ll run into situations where due to coming up on something unexpected, or just by where your foot is located in the pedal stroke while you’re riding, you’re going to have your non-chocolate foot forward when having to ride over something difficult.  In that past, that would usually lead to me crashing or just looking silly as I stumble through whatever obstacle I might be riding over, so this past summer, I’ve worked on getting used to riding with my other foot forward when riding over obstacles.  I started out just rolling over smaller logs with my right (non-chocolate for me) foot forward.  After getting used to that, I moved on to small drops and jumps.  It was about the most un-natural feeling I’ve ever encountered on the bike, but I slowly got used to it.

Well, last week, all that work finally paid off.  Out on a mountain bike ride, I came around a corner at speed, and encountered a new log on the trail.  Due to the timing of my pedaling, I was forced to go over the log with my right foot forward instead of my usual left.  To my amazement, I didn’t realize what I had done until I was 20 feet down the trail after cleanly clearing the log crossing.

Now, I’m always still going to prefer having my usual foot forward when going over things or jumping, it’s just nice to know if that can’t happen, I’ll be better prepared for it!