Ugh, the less said the better.  Luckily, I didn’t stay in the race that long, so there aren’t that many bad things to say.  

This race is close enough to ride to from my house, which is nice.  So I did, and started to warm up along the way, and instantly knew there was trouble brewing.

At least I didn't wind up in an ambulance, like the unfortunate gent in the background!I mean, what more could I have done?  I mean, besides not having a giant omelette four hours before the race.  And doing an interval workout two days before.  And going for another ride the morning of.  And staying up late the night before.  OK, so maybe there are some things I could have done.

Anyway, I finished the ride over and registered, hoping that I would find my second wind, or inspiration, or Magic Lance Juice, or something that would make me ride fast.  But it wasn’t to be.  I could feel the bile rising within ten minutes of the race start.  

Twenty minutes in, I got caught behind a crash and couldn’t make up the gap.  The pack was just cruising, not even pushing the pace, and I couldn’t gain an inch on them.  So I bailed out, moped for a few minutes, and rode back home.  Chalk it up to a bad day.

The one saving grace of this debacle was that I used my power meter for the first time in a criterium, and so I came away with a clear picture of what the power requirements are for this type of race.  And now I can do workouts that are specifically oriented for that kind of effort.  And then I’ll either succeed, or be forced to come up with a new set of excuses.

OK, negativity over.  Next outing will be the Indiana Stage Race, for which I also have great fondness.