Ah, mountain biking…! It’s great that "monsoon season" has finally abated, and we’re able to ride Indiana’s stellar singletrack again.

Right across the river from BGI, Town Run Trail Park is Indianapolis’ only public trail system.  It’s seven miles of rolling sweetness. The Hoosier Mountain Bike Association’s volunteers have preened it to within an inch of its life, and all the mud holes, fallen trees, and even the stinging nettles have been banished.  The trail is firm and dry, with just enough moisture to offer perfect grip.

I haven’t been riding "enough" lately, and found myself over-braking out of distrust for mid-corner traction. …Then I’d pitch the Trance into the corner and rail though, obviously -well- within my limits. Sweet! (I love my bike!!!)  I’m not sure what heart rate or O2 zone I was running, but I was able to have a sparse conversation and my peripheral vision never narrowed. Just a comfortable romp in the woods. 

Few wildlife sightings… Trail was too busy for the deer to come out to play.  I did see a great blue herron in the gravel pit lake at the south end of the trail, across from BGI. And the wildflowers were stellar! Purple coneflower, daisies, queen anne’s lace, and something blue I can’t name.

Last night, the HMBA’s Bike ‘n Brew Tuesday gathered a goodly crowd. The parking lot at TRTP was full, but as usual, the trail swallowed us all and it was quite possible to ride an entire 7-mile lap without seeing another rider.  Word spread (via the crew gathered at the picnic table) that B&B would convene at the Moon Dog "whenever you’re done riding." Some folks had already left before I got there, but at one point our table grew to about a dozen, including some folks we’d not broken bread with before. (Welcome to Brian, Fabrizio and Kelly!)
Home by bed time, slept like a log, and sporting a Cheshire Cat Grin today over having "gotten one over on the world" last night: when most folks were couch potatoing, we were enjoying the ride!!!!!!!!!