Nothing But Us Chicks Ride Report – July 2009

Nothing But Us Chicks July 2009We had 8 women ready to ride on July 2 from Bicycle Garage Indy North– some came from as far as Brownsburg, Plainfield, Franklin and Fishers.

We had such a great time sharing conversations and riding in scenic neighborhoods southeast of BGI and in Fort Harrison State Park. 

We took a break 4 miles from the end and had smoothies and ice tea before returning to BGI North and exchanging emails.

riding in Fort Harrison State Park

Rest Stop
We had a few hills in the park and one last hill to get out of the valley so several learned how to use their low gears on their bikes. After the ride, photos were posted on a newly created website and many emails were exchanged:

Thanks so much for orchestrating that bike ride this evening. It was great! I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to doing it again soon.
Thanks so much for the time and effort you put into it all… you are awesome!!!
Thanks again,
Pattie (sent at 10:37 pm the same night)

 From the website Johnine created:

July 2nd Ride from Bicycle Garage Indy: Last night’s ride was so much fun. I enjoyed meeting each and every one of you ladies. I will become a pro on shifting up the hills on my new bike once I get it broken in a little more. Enjoyed the comaraderie. Hope to see you all again soon. – Johnine

After the ride I sent them info on shifting and hills as well as resources/links for other rides.

Hello and thank you so much for the doc on shifting. I will be a pro on hills before long thanks to you. I greatly appreciate the time and energy you put in to your passion for cycling. You have made it more enjoyable for us. Thanks again. Have a great 4th of July holiday and we’ll see you again soon. Thanks for the other good info too.
Regards, Johnine

 Hi Connie, thanks sooo much..lots of fun. Im planning on doing the Columbus ride, maybe I can follow you there? Have a great weekend, Sharon 

 We had such a great time and the group was so disappointed that I only do
Nothing But Us Chicks Rides once a month that they’ve started their own group rides and website for the group. They’ll be riding 2x/week (M and Th) and looking at group rides to go to on Saturdays. Nothing But Us Chicks website has all the photos from the ride and messages on when they’ll be riding next.

Next official Nothing But Us Chicks Ride is August 6th, but you can ride with the group on Mondays and Thursdays – check the Nothing But Us Chicks website for more details.

P.S. Thanks to everyone for a great ride, to Johnine for the great photos and for creating the website for the group and to Sharon for spearheading more Nothing But Us Chicks rides!!

Connie Szabo Schmucker
Advocacy Director
Bicycle Garage Indy