BGI partnered with CIBA to sponsor Smart Cycling Traffic Skills 101 class. The League of American Bicyclists developed the Smart Cycling Traffic Skills 101 curriculum which involves in-classroom discussions, on-street test, on-bike skills tests and written tests. Part of the class involved learning how to change a flat tire. I helped teach part of the on-road portion of the class and helped grade a group on their street skills and parking lot skills (emergency stop, rock dodge, scan and instant right turn). There were 14 in the class and upon completion of the class they were much more secure and safe bicyclists.

The on-road test was quite challenging and the group I graded did a great job. If they can ride that test course and feel confident riding in traffic, they can ride anywhere. BGI gave $25 gift cards to each participant. I ran into one of the participants who was using her gift card to help subsidize her purchases of necessary on-bike tools and supplies (tubes, tire leversmini-tool kit, lights) as well as a bike rack for her car so she can go to more out-of-town bike events.

Leaving for on-street road testflat tire clinicflat tire clinic - 2

from left: Photos of the group leaving for their on-street ride (pre-test) and flat tire clinic.

Connie Szabo Schmucker
Advocacy Director
Bicycle Garage Indy