We here at Bicycle Garage Indy like to volunteer our service for worthy causes. So Tony, Tim and I found our way down to Brown
County State Park to help out with
the HMBA women’s clinic. Here’s a picture of us under the green canopy while we were doing safety checks on all the gals bikes.
  We had 50 plus bikes to go through while the girls were eating breakfast and socializing. These girls skill levels were anywhere from never been on a trail before to some grizzled racers.
  The bikes them self were anywhere from good to middling shape so on some we just made sure bolts were tight and some we did a considerable amount of adjusting on them. We had 1 brand new bike bought on the way down to the event at BGI.
  After splitting into skill level groups the girls hit the trails with instructors with some of us guys taggng along. We started out with the beginner 2 group until that group split into a faster and slower group. Tony and I went with a group of 6 gals who wanted to go a little faster. Keeping in mind these girls were beginners they all did a great job. They were challenged by their instructor to go faster and ride over obstacle’s with ease.
  The girls only had one of them fall when she hit some roots at an odd angle. She will have some bruses but she was a trooper and kept at it. I, on the other hand had the worst fall. I was going back to the girls after going ahead and lost it next to a creek bed, my bike and me wound up in the creek bed. The bike was fine, I received some very alarming bumps and scrapes to my left leg. A day after, I’m happy to report the swelling has gone down but I have some nice color my thight and inside of my knee.
  All in all a great time was had by all the girls and I’m sure I’ll be back to help out again next year.