Biking in IndianaCycling season has started, although Mother Nature has not been very nice lately. We’ve definitely had more thn our fair share of rain!!

Knowing I’ll be riding with a group is a great motivator to get my bike out. For me, and many others, bicycling ia a social activity. I have some of the best conversations with people when we’re out riding our bikes.  

I’m looking forward to next week (with drier weather I hope!) and the start of many BGI-sponsored events like monthly "Nothing But Us Chicks" rides (next one is on June 4) and "BGI Evening Cruises" (Next one is June 18). There are also weekly evening rides at BGI South on Mondays and Wednesdays and weekly morning rides at BGI North on Friday mornings.

You can ride with others in the Indianapolis area year-round on CIBA (local bike club) rides
CIBA’s NITE Ride is coming up on June 27 – an event like no other! Event registration forms are at BGI.  
If you want to explore other areas of Indiana by bike, there are more than 150 organized and supported bicycle events in Indiana to choose from. Bicycle Indiana publishes a state-wide bicycle event calendar which is available for free at BGI. This information is also available online. 

Not enough choices? Ask BGI staff where their favorite places are to ride.

Connie Szabo Schmucker
Advocacy Director
Bicycle Garage Indy