Bike Lessons 2 and 3

In her quest to learn to ride a bike as an adult, Keyla is doing just great. Keyla riding a bikeShe remembered how to balance and brake very well from her first lesson. But now I needed to put the seat at the proper height and have her work on stopping and starting with the new seat location. We worked a bit outside during her second lesson, but it was cut short by rain. But the rain didn’t dampen her determination to learn.

I’m finding that I have to figure out how I stop and start on my bike since I do it without thinking. I’m looking at the bicycle skills I take for granted in a new light. 

Keyla’s third lesson was a short bike ride just west of the store to get her acclimated to closer to real world situations and practicing stopping and starting in a large empty parking lot, using the parking lot lines as stop lines.

Next up, hand signals, dodging potholes and other handling skills.

Connie Szabo Schmucker
Advocacy Director
Bicycle Garage Indy