The plans were laid down weeks in advance….
Saturday would be the first 20 minute power test.  Yep, I said 20 min of pure torturous pain.

This first test will help set training zones to focus on during training rides.

As with all projects, the right tools help. The Power Tap SL+ made the whole test possible. 


Nick was up first. Chris and Nick are local Tri-Athletes. Nick averaged just under 25 mph at the Muncie Endurathon last year…So he swam 1.2 miles, road 56 and then ran 13.1 miles.

This power test should be a breeze…..


Even with the box fan on high, both guys sweating heavily. When the testing was finished, a large pool of liquid sat on the floor of my garage.





After the testing was finished, all was left was crunching the numbers. The Power Tap software makes this the easy part!

Here are the results….

Chris averaged 21.09 MPH, 287 Watts and 4.21 Watts/ KG

Nick averaged 21.47 MPH, 254 Watts and 3.54 Watts/KG

Good Job Guys!