Far too many adults avoid riding a bicycle because they had a painful cycling experience in their lives.   They have convinced themselves that cycling normally involves pain and that it’s not for them.  Their solution to cycling pain is to not ride at all or this…………

The reality is that cycling should not be painful and the only sensations you should experience when you’re done with your training ride or cycling event are fatigue and exhilaration.  Short-term muscle soreness should be the result of the effort only, not a poorly adjusted bicycle.  Getting the right cycling gear is only part of the equation – fitting your bike to you is the rest.

Starting with Serotta’s Bicycle Fitting School in the late 1990s, the bicycle industry finally got around to recognizing the importance of good bicycle fit based on science.  "Adjusting the bicycle to the rider" became the mantra for increasing customer comfort.  Arguably the most advanced effort in promoting sound science in combination with bicycle fitting grew out of Serotta’s efforts and later became SICI.  Having a Certified Fitter on staff is becoming more important to bike stores everyday as more customers become aware of the benefits of a well fitted bicycle.  Increased comfort and speed are the typical results of a good professional bike fitting.

If you spend hundreds of hours every year riding your bike around Indianapolis or elsewhere, it only makes sense to invest 2-3 hours to have your bicycle properly adjusted to your body and your pedaling style. 

Here’s a view of the Fitting Studio at BGI.

"Put your mettle to the pedals."