My Anthem is lurking in the bushes.I thought I’d post a little bit more of a review about my Giant Anthem, pictured at right.

Indianapolis is becoming a much better place to be a mountain bike rider.  There are two itch-satisfying trails in the city, two more varied trails within a 60 minute drive, and several wonderful trails in Brown County and points South.  The Hoosier Mountain Bike Associaton does a terrific job of posting up-to-date information about Indiana’s various trails systems, including when it’s OK to ride after a mud-inducing rainstorm.

The most popular mountain bike trail in Indiana happens to be five minutes from my house.  That’s Town Run Trail Park, and while my primary focus is road, I’ve long felt that it wasn’t right for me to be so close to Town Run and not be able to ride really really fast there.  So I ventured there this morning in the hopes of beginning the fastification process.

I’ll skip the workout details and get right to how the bike did.  There were a few particular characteristics that I was eager to assess:

1) Rear suspension performance.  I had demo’ed Anthems in the past and absolutely loved the feel of the rear suspension–very firm under pedaling, but bump-absorbing in a way that makes you go "wait, isn’t there usually a big bump there?"  This new bike was equally impressive.

2) Handling.  The old Anthems had very, very quick steering.  That was never my cup of tea, since I tend to get sloppy with fatigue, and prefered something with a bit more stable feel.  My last bike, a Cannondale Scalpel, was just how I liked it.  The new Anthem has a much more reassuring handling feel than the old one did, but is still a bit twitchy for my taste.  However, it’s likely that I’ll get used to this over time, and wind up with fewer bruises like the one I got this morning on my right ankle after kicking a tree after my foot came unclipped after grazing the bar on another tree just enough to cause an adrenaline-spiking swerve.

3) Tires.  Never know quite what to expect with a new tire.  This tire, the Michelin Dry, is rapidly becoming a favorite.  A Town Run tire needs to roll fast and grip well in fast, dry corners, and this one does the job. 

It’s early in our relationship, but all signs are positive. 

Come and see us and we can help you find an Anthem–or whatever full-suspension bike is best for you.  And right now, we have several full-suspension models on SALE!

Thanks for reading.  I’ll be racing this thing on 5/31, and I’ll be sure to let you know how it does.