Safety Second.

This title can lead to so many thoughts… but for now, it’s because I’m thinking about helmets.  Over the past few days I’ve been riding on the Monon Trail, the first of Indianapolis’ bike paths, and was simply stunned at the low percentage of riders wearing bicycle helmets. 

It doesn’t take much to "ring your bell," and the downside risks are enormous.  All  you have to do is catch your wheel in a rut, slip in some gravel, or have a moment of inattention, and…  Oops!

Why not wear a bike helmet, Indianapolis? 

  • Too fashion conscious to be seen in one?
  • Can’t find it?
  • Just going around the block?
  • None of the cool kids wear helmets?
  • It’s too hot?
  • It doesn’t fit right?

The responses to these objections are sooooo simple that they don’t even bear repetition…  –You already know them. Please please please, don’t slack on this!  Do you wear a seatbelt in the car? Then by all means wear a helmet when you ride a bike!  Ridership is increasing, and incidence of bike accidents will inevitably increase, too. Please don’t become a statistic!

Drop by Bicycle Garage Indy and take a look at our wide variety of helmets.  From infants to triathletes, we have helmets to fit the head AND the budget.  My favorite is the Bell Influx.  It’s a mid-priced helmet that offers the versatility I need to use it for mountain bike riding, road bike training, and neighborhood jaunts.  Let us help you find the perfect helmet for your uses!

It just takes a second to be safe.