Today’s bike maintenance tip:  Be careful where you store your bike

Most people don’t give much thought to where they store their new bicycle.  Keeping it out of the rain is the number one priority but be careful not to keep your bike in a room with pool chemicals or next to the exhaust of a car.  Pool chemicals leach into the air from their containers causing premature corrosion to steel and aluminum.  Exhaust fumes contain corrosive chemicals that can also corrode the parts on your bike.

The best way to store a bike is to hang it on the wall away from chemicals or exhaust.  There are many products for storage that look good too.  You can choose something as simple as a hook that screws into a stud or something as nice as a shelf with hooks that allows you to hang your bike horizontally.  This style will also give  you somewhere to store your helmet and gloves.  

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