It’s going to be a fast ride to work, but a sloooow ride home!  I’m hoping the front will hold off so I don’t have to ride home in driving rain and lightning.  I think I’ll tempt fate and not wear a jacket.  It’s going to be warm, and my jacket will feel like a drag ‘chute in 35mph gusts!

I’m definitely taking my new headlight, though.  It’ll be dark on the Monon Trail, and I’ve only had one chance to use my new NiteRider (no, not NightRider) SlickRock 900 lumen HID light since I got it, and that was an urban amongst the streetlights.  I’m anxious to see how much brighter it seems than my Light & Motion ARC that puts out 600 lumens.  Remind me not to point it at your eyes!