About all I can say for the Brown County road race is that I didn’t quit.  I’m pretty sure I was dead last of all the people who actually finished the race.  I got caught by the winner of the women’s race, who started ten minutes after I did.
One of the many beautiful views that I was not able to appreciate on Sunday.

Still love the race.  Why?  After being dropped, caught, and was just flailing along, what reason was there to keep going?  None, other than the most fundamental part of any endurance sport:  because I choose to.

Random "highlights:"

-I didn’t get lapped!

-I was the fastest downhill, and passed several cars along the way.  Unfortunately, that only gained me about 10 seconds each lap, and I was losing 90 seconds on the climb.

-My last time up the climb, there was a person with a motorcycle standing on the road in front of me.  I crawled along toward her, wondering what was up, and it turned out that she was standing there looking down at her friend who had dropped their motorcycle 50 feet down into a ravine!  There were several people down there trying to get it righted, and it looked like they were going to try to ride it out.  I was briefly tempted to stay and see what happened, but at that point, I was eager to be finished.

-Photos will be up in the next day or two, once John Bennett gets a chance to post them.  One nice thing about being off the back is that the photographers get lots of clear, unobstructed opportunities to document your slowness.

-The Madone was brilliant on the downhill.  Rock solid handling.