As hard as I try to ignore this simple truth, it still smacks me in the face every time I toe the line of a local Indianapolis Bicycle Race. I do a plethora of mental training, everything from m visualizing myself winning to self affirming exercises (I am good, I am fast, I can win without training). Yet each and every race I get the same results.  Why, because I have drifted into that realm of belief that talking about training is just as good as training. I am not sure when this shift in belief took place. As a young lad, I understood the direct correlation between physically training on the bike and good performances results. Now, as a middle aged father of two, I have forgotten that simple truth.

Now understand, I have taken desperate measures to solve my problem of poor performances with out actually training. First it was bike fitting. I deduced that my problem was improper fit. I invested in a good, professional bicycle fitting. I have engaged in endless hours of study to determine the best pre, during and post race nutrition. I have spent much money buying the lightest bicycle parts in Indianapolis and having the best bicycle maintenance in Indianapolis. Yet I am still getting the same results.

I am starting to see that my only option to improve my performance may be to actually ride more, no matter what the weather. I may need to sit down and make a training plan and stick to it. I may need to spend more time on my Bicycle riding than sitting at the coffee shop thinking about riding. The more I write about this, the more I am seeing the light.

First thing tomorrow morning, I will get up and head out for Starbucks to start thinking about my training plan.