There is no doubt that Levi’s bicycle was fitting him well during the spring Castilla Y Leon. He took the lead early and Astana defended it well till the end.

This leads one to ponder, what will Astana do for the Tour, Giro and Vuelta. How will they dispense the wins? Better yet how will the rider’s egos handle the Astana commands? If you were Levi or Contudor, would you soft pedal and give a grand tour win to a team mate? Ask a very angry man name Greg LeMond about that…(85′ Tour).

Last years’ Vuelta gave us a glimpse as to Levi’s thought process. I believe that Levi was putting the screws down on Contudor to show that he can and will fight to the end. As if he was saying the Astana powers "No I will not just throw my bicycle in the bike rack and give up! I will fight to the end."

The spring classics will be here very soon! During last week’s Milan-San Remo, Cavendish showed a clear pair of heels to the world and loudly declared he is the MAN! I also give the young man a nod for coming from so far back to take the win. He could have very easily thrown in the helmet and not try to catch the escape.

All of this talk has got me itching to ride and prepare for the Indianapolis Road Racing Scene. I know the warm weather has spurred many of the local roadies to bar their winter white legs to the wind and start some serious cycling training. Ah, there are few things more refreshing than that sweet smell of embrocation in the spring! I will expound on the joy of embrocation at a later time, so till then pull out those bicycles and hit those Indianapolis bicycle paths.