This is my favorite time of year.  Winter, which seemed unending just days ago, is finally losing its grip.  The first warm days appear on the forecast, popping up like the tulip bulbs in the neighbor’s yard.  You see more joggers in shorts.  Fewer hats.  Outdoor breaths starts to smell fresh instead of chilling.  Everything reminds you of the feeling of getting out of bed after a good Friday night’s sleep, creakily becoming aware of the world, assessing the possibilities of all the activities you might do on this free day.

And of course, people start riding bikes.

Things might be down in the financial world, but if you’re a bike rider in Indianapolis, things are looking up.  More people are riding.  The Monon Trail, Town Run Trail Park, and the other bike paths are more popular than ever, and there are more coming.  If you live in the burbs, maybe that path outside your subdivision, which for years just ended at the end of the block, now connects to another path and actually goes somewhere!  The city finally has a comprehensive bike lane plan, and the first lanes are underway.

I can feel everything coming to life, shaking off the cobwebs, picking up speed.  Clean off your gear, go visit your favorite bike shop, and hit the dirt on your mountain bike.  Or hit the pavement on your road bike.  But don’t miss the feeling of waking up from your long winter’s nap.